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Perfect Strategy Blackjack
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Perfect Strategy Blackjack by Switch Studios is one of their beginner-friendly releases. The gameplay element that differentiates this blackjack release from the others is the Strategy part. This Switch Studios game has an in-built blackjack strategy chart that players can use. Furthermore, it can even suggest moves during play as you draw cards.

As for the technical side of things, the RTP of Perfect Strategy Blackjack is 99.91% which is always a great value to see. The maximum bet for the game is $200 times three since players have the option of playing with three hands at the same time. On the other hand, the maximum win is x12.00 the player’s bet. Without further ado, let us dive into this Perfect Strategy Blackjack review.

Game Rules & Features

The gameplay loop of Perfect Strategy Blackjack is quite simple. You will have three hands you can bet on and play. You can bet up to $200 on each one for a maximum of $600 bet. From here the game starts and cards are dealt. This Switch Studios release has its own little rules variations.

Firstly, the game is played with 1 regular deck and a dealer must stand on all 17s. As we mentioned the player has access to three hands at the same time. When it comes to doubling down, you can do so only on hard 9, 10, and 11 value hands. This rule is slightly restricting compared to other online blackjack games. Splitting is also possible and you can do it only once to make 2 hands. You cannot split 10-value cards with different faces. A split Ace and a 10 count as a win but not blackjack.

That being said, the added benefit of this game is the Strategy chart. At all times you will have access to the blackjack strategy chart on the right side of the screen. Perfect Strategy suggestions will also show up on each decision you have to make.

An autoplay feature is also implemented that will follow the basic strategy chart. The autoplay can be stopped at any time should the player decide to do so.


Payouts for Perfect Strategy Blackjack follow the standard payout rules for blackjack. Each win over the dealer pays out 1:1. Furthermore, a Blackjack is paid out 3:2 as per the standard. Note that scoring a 21 after splitting does not count as blackjack but instead pays out 1:1.

To reach these payouts players can bet chips of various values up to $200. Each hand can have a maximum bet of exactly this aforementioned value. This makes the total maximum bet for a single round $600. The maximum payout is x12 the bet and the RTP of the game is an above-average value of 99.91%. Finally, the variance factor is set to low for this game.

Perfect Strategy Blackjack Strategies

When it comes to strategy for this Switch Studios release, the plan is a simple one. Perfect Strategy Blackjack already has the optimal plays of a blackjack basic strategy chart implemented in the game. Therefore, players can follow the in-game suggestions for the best decisions at any given time.

An added tactic would be to use a blackjack card-counting strategy like Hi-Lo. This strategy can be very beneficial since the game is played with a single deck. Furthermore, three hands are being played each round so players should adjust their spending. It is better to lower your usual betting amounts as you will essentially be tripling them due to the multi-hand mechanic.

Switch Studios is well known for developing innovations for the standard blackjack game. This time, the in-built strategy chart is an interesting feature that will increase win rates for beginner players. Another mechanic is that players must bet on all three hands thus increasing the number of funds being moved each round. Overall, this is an interesting addition to Switch Studios’ repertoire and we cannot wait to see how experienced blackjack players approach it.

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