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Premier Blackjack
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Online BlackJack
Switch Studios / Microgaming
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Premier Blackjack
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Premier Blackjack by Switch Studios is a lightweight online blackjack game with above-average RTP. It’s a relatively new release by a small studio, though you can play Premier Blackjack on any Microgaming-powered studio.

RNG-based online blackjack games are becoming more scares with each year. To be fair, though, the market is already flooded with classic games of 21 with nothing new to offer. In a way, Premier Blackjack by Switch Studios looks like such a game at first sight. It comes with a simplistic design and two side bets that we’ve seen a thousand times by now – 21+3 and Perfect Pairs.

However, underneath it all lies a fairly player-friendly set of rules that offers above-average RTP. Also, a Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky version exists on some casinos with an interesting additional side bet.

Barring all that, at least it’s a graphical update compared to older Microgaming blackjack games. Switch Studios Premier Blackjack drops the pretenses of trying to look like a real table and focuses on functionality. The result is a crisp, clear, and smooth experience that is perfect for players who go through rounds quickly.

Game Rules and Features

At its core, this game uses a Vegas-style ruleset that will be familiar to most players. These include:

  • 8 regular decks
  • Dealer must stand on any 17, draw to 16
  • Doubling down is allowed on any 2 cards and after Splits
  • Only 1 split per hand, only 1 more card dealt to split Aces
  • You can split any two 10-value cards
  • The dealer checks for Blackjack on a 10-value card or Ace

Unfortunately, though, Surrendering is not an option. If it were, Premier Blackjack from Microgaming would have some of the best and most favorable rules online.

As it stands, though, the game is merely above-average in terms of profitability.

The regular game comes with 21+3 and Perfect Pairs side bets. However, there is also a special Lucky Lucky version at some top Microgaming casinos. Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky offers an additional side-betting option. Lucky Lucky wins if the 2 hole cards and dealer’s upcard make certain combinations or totals. It reminds us of 21+3 in that regard.

Payouts and RTP

The main way in which this game stands out from the crowd is the strong RTP. This ruleset clocks in at 99.57% assuming optimal blackjack strategy. That kind of house edge outshines most of the competition, if only by a fraction of a percent. If you’re interested in optimizing your returns to their fullest potential, Premier Blackjack by Switch Studios is a good option.

Of course, the same can’t be said for the side bets, as usual. 95.90% is the average for Perfect Pairs, while 21+3 offers 96.30%. Lucky Lucky is in the same ballpark with 96.05%.

Recommended Tips

One of this game’s bigger strengths is the fact you can have 5 hands at a time and play through them very quickly. As such, if it can be great for practicing new strategies or blackjack betting systems.

Also, this type of ruleset is very common, so basic blackjack charts will do the trick for beginners. Moreover, you can play Premier Blackjack for free above to get some practice in.


While it’s hard to say Premier Blackjack by Switch Studios and Microgaming stands out from the crowd, it’s a strong all-around offer. The rules are fair and consistent, and we especially enjoy the lightning-fast pace of play. If you want to play multiple hands at a time and constantly hit new rounds, this game is a top pick.

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