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Premier High Streak Blackjack
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Premier High Streak Blackjack
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Premier High Streak Blackjack

With Microgaming Premier High Streak Blackjack, the developer takes the law of probability and turns it to the player's advantage. Once inside the winning streak, the player is presented with a unique opportunity to bet not only on the current hand, but also on the tempting odds of staying inside the winning zone for up to 5 consecutive rounds.

Game Rules and Features

Premier High Streak Blackjack by Microgaming features five additional betting areas, increasing the player's payout potential and injecting some extra dose of adrenaline. Placing the wager on the main betting area employs the standard rulebook; the player can hit or stand at any time, double on hard 9, 10 and 11, split same cards and place insurance bet if the dealer's card is an Ace. The dealer is required to stand on any 17 hand. With added side fields, players are betting on uninterrupted winning hands with increasing payout ratio. Every winning hand moves the player's bet onto the next field with a higher payout odd.

Payouts & RTP

Submitting bets on the main betting areas exclusively, will pay according to the standardised paytable – 3:2 for blackjack win, 2:1 for insurance win and 1:1 for all other hands. High streak betting comes with a 1:1 ratio, going higher as the winning hands continue. Thus, the third streak pays 2:1, the fourth pays 5:1 and the fifth pays an amazing 10:1, bringing $10 profit on any $1.00 stake. Expected RTP percentage is 99.52% with $1 minimum bet and $1,075 maximum bet.

Recommended Tips

Creating a safer gameplay flow, Microgaming included a strategy tip window, where the player is advised on every next move. Players that would rather use their own tactics can of course disable the strategy tips under the settings table and follow the basic rules of blackjack strategy. Budget wise, high streak bets should be somewhat lower, unless you trust your hunch unconditionally. Common sense and basic maths are pretty much all you need for a successful game of blackjack – just remember to hit on soft hands, stand on high hard hands and keep a close watch on the dealer's upcard.

Microgaming Premier High Streak Blackjack Summary

Whether you are a prudent player with a mathematical and methodical inclinations or a firm believer in luck, Microgaming Premier High Streak will provide an equal amount of fun. Available in free and real money mode, it allows the players to find their own strategic path or be lead by the built in strategy that will direct you towards the optimal playing tactics.

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