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Premier Multi-Hand Bonus Blackjack
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Premier Multi-Hand Bonus Blackjack
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Premier Multi-Hand Bonus Blackjack

Spicing up their Premier line offer, Microgaming launches the Multi-Hand Bonus bet blackjack edition with up to five hands and side stake option on each main bet field. Carrying a significantly higher payout potential, the bonus bets are reserved for the true gambling enthusiasts – apart from the main objective of beating the dealer, players can make things even more interesting by betting on their next hand combination type.

Game Rules and Features

Side bets are optional and conditioned by the main betting area – the player can decide to ignore the side bets completely or submit them together with the standard bet. Side bet is only allowed on the first two cards – split hand does not qualify for a bonus bet.

This particular Microgaming's edition allows the dealer to hit on soft 17 and peek for blackjack if the revealed card is an ace or a ten value card. Players can use the double down option on any hand – split hands included. Splitting can be executed up to 3 times, except for the Aces that can be divided only once. Separated Aces in combination with a ten value card do not rank as a Blackjack but only as a regular 21 hand.

Placing the bet on the side bet area means that the player is wagering on having a pair of suited cards, a suited Jack and Ace or a Jack and Ace of spades. Needless to say that the payout ratio for these combinations is much higher than a regular blackjack paytable.

Payouts & RTP

Together with standard 1:1/2:1/3:2 payments, Microgaming introduces a separate side bet payout odds of 5:2 ratio for any suited pair, 25:1 for suited Jack and Ace and 50:1 for Jack and Ace of spades. Side stakes included, the maximum betting amount is $5,125, with $1 lower limit. Expected return to player is 99.52%, which is pretty much a standard RTP with this developer.

Recommended Tips

Although you may be tempted to go to town with your side bets, the best road to take is to simply go as low as possible with bonus stakes and gradually increase your standard wagers. In their Premier series, Microgaming facilitates things with incorporated strategy tips that follow the most common blackjack tactics. The tab placed on the bottom of the screen will display the most appropriate move for the current hand, telling you exactly when you should hit, double or stand.

Microgaming Premier Multi-Hand Bonus Blackjack Summary

With bonus side stakes and high maximum bet, Multi-Hand Bonus Blackjack will be irresistible to any risk loving, high roller that enjoys the seductive combo of suspense and strategy. Less daring players can use the game's versatility and test themselves against the preset strategy rules while gaining blackjack proficiency in a risk reduced environment.

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