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Spanish Blackjack
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Spanish Blackjack
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Spanish Blackjack

One of the most popular Blackjack variants, Spanish 21, has found its way to the online market, becoming a part of Microgaming's regular and Gold series blackjack editions. Played with eight decks without 10 denomination cards, the game offers an additional paytable with higher potential payouts on specific hand combinations.

Game Rules and Features

Spanish blackjack employs the hole card dealing rule, where the dealer can peek for blackjack after getting a face card or an Ace. In this version dealer hits on soft 17 and the player can split both the same denomination and equal value cards and play the double down move on regular hand or after a split. Players are granted with the Late Surrender option (unless the dealer has a blackjack hand) as well as with a Double Down Rescue move, which allows you to forfeit the round even after doubling the bet.

Bonus payouts come with certain combinations of same and mixed suits, such as five, six and seven cards with 21 totals or 6-7-8 and triple 7 hand combos.

Payouts & RTP

Regular paytable brings 1:1, 2:1 and 3:2 odds for standard, insurance and blackjack win. Bonus payout odds can be extremely high (50:1!) for triple 7 in the same suit with a same denomination upcard. For five cards with total 21, the player gets 3:2 payout; the same goes for mixed suit 6-7-8 or 7-7-7. Seven cards amounting to 21, triple 7 and 6-7-8 of spades are paid according to 3:1 ratio. With six 21 total cards and same suit 6-7-8 or triple 7, the player gets 2:1 bet turnover. Bets range from $1 to $1,000, with 99.51% return to player.

Recommended Tips

There are certain blackjack combinations that will always follow the same pattern of rules. For example, most players will stand on hard 18 hands, hit on 12 through 14 soft totals, split Aces and double on hard 11 without any exception. Every move will naturally be measured against the dealer's upcard. Sometimes you will want to take the risk and request an extra card on a slightly higher hand if it can lead to the dealer's bust.

Microgaming Spanish Blackjack Summary

When players are concerned, Microgaming version of Spanish Blackjack is definitely one of the releases that incorporates some of the most beneficial set of rules – late surrender, re-double and best of all, tied 21 totals and Blackjack hands in favour of the player! For a upgraded version of the game, make sure to also check out the Gold Version of Spanish Blackjack. The gold version offers better graphics and sound. The overall game play has been enhanced in many ways.

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