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Speed Blackjack
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If you are itching for an action-paced fast blackjack experience, Funky Games’ Speed Blackjack is for you. The game takes inspiration from previous fast-paced blackjack games with some of its own ideas. With timers and automated play according to basic strategy, Speed Blackjack creates a dynamic experience with numerous games being played per minute.

Players have access to a selection of different tables and at each table they can have up to three seats. This means that the game supports a multi-hand experience. There are plenty of tables for all players and the betting range is $5 to $100. Therefore, the maximum bet you can place is $300 across three hands.

Let us dive into this Speed Blackjack review by Funky Games and analyze how they have created fast-paced gameplay. There are a lot of features that go into it so we will cover them one by one.

Game Rules & Features

The basic rules of Speed Blackjack by Funky Games are unchanged from the usual norm. The goal is still to get as close to 21 as possible without busting. Standard options such as splitting and doubling are available. The dealer must stand on 17 and draw to 16 and there are 8 decks being used. Insurance is implemented as usual and it is still generally not a good idea. Essentially, this is your standard blackjack experience in terms of rules. The innovation lies in the gameplay.

In Speed Blackjack, players can control up to 3 hands at a time. The same bet must be placed on all hands. Players who ask for another card first get to have one first. Furthermore, there is also a timer for actions like hitting or standing. If the player does not make their move within the time countdown, their actions are automatically decided.

Auto-play follows the basics of blackjack strategy. If you have a hand below 12 the system will give you a hit until your score is above or equal to 12. You will automatically stand in auto-play if your hand is 12 or above.

If a player controls multiple hands, they will be given a separate timer for each hand. Players can also tail other players. If the one being tailed is not making any bets, the betting amount shall be returned to the player. If the one being tailed wins, the player receives the prize money of the same betting odds.

The undo button prevents players from reverting to the previous state after joining or leaving a seat. Despite this restriction, players can still clear chips from their seats by using a long-press action on the undo button.

All of these features promote fast-paced gameplay and allow for multiple rounds to be played per minute.


In terms of payouts, this game does not introduce any new options and sticks to the basics. You can bet anywhere between $5 and $100 per hand. Since you can control 3 hands at a time the maximum bet can be up to $300. Note that the bet must be the same for all hands you control.

The standard win pays 1:1 and blackjacks pay 3:2. This is a much better payout structure than some 6:5 tables we have seen rarely. Insurance pays 2:1 and if you Bet Behind you get 1:1 or 3:2.

As for the return-to-player value, it is 99.26%. The game uses 8 decks and the entire shoe is shuffled after about 4 decks are used. The RTP can be heavily impacted by your decisions which can get skewed if your optimal decisions are rushed due to the countdown timer.

Speed Blackjack Strategies

When it comes to strategies for Speed Blackjack by Funky Games, the game does not diverge from the norm. You can use all the basic strategies you would use in any classic game of blackjack. From optimal move charts to card counting, this game does not have any special features to signify a different approach. There are not even any side bets in the game. That said, card counting might be harder due to the 8 decks and the reshuffling of the shoe once every 3-4 decks have been drawn.

Speed Blackjack simply streamlines the gameplay and makes it much faster with countdown timers. Therefore, you should make yourself ready for quick decisions and have a basic move plan in your game. Familiarize yourself with the chart beforehand and get ready to make some swift decisions in the moment. It is a great title for players who like action-packed and fast-paced gameplay. If this is not your element, Speed Blackjack has nothing to offer you that you would not find in other online blackjack games.

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