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Supreme 777 Jackpots
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Betsoft is bringing us a unique and innovative mix of classic blackjack and a jackpot game. Players can play the game as usual and also opt to try to score one of the three jackpots: the Minor, Grand, and Major. These are achieved by landing 7s in your hand. The Supreme 777 Jackpots blackjack also features sidebets like the Perfect Pairs for additional payout chances. It is a feature-rich blackjack game with tons of player options.

There are 3 hands to play on separately with standard rules. Both the Supreme 777 jackpots and Perfect Pairs side bets are completely optional. You can wager up to $100 on every hand and PP side bet. This makes the maximum bet $600. The maximum bet for jackpots is 1.10 to be eligible but the rewards are massive. RTP values go up to 97.86% with a maximum payout being either 25:1 or 100% of the jackpot prize pool, whichever is higher. Let us begin this Supreme 777 Jackpots blackjack review for more details.

Game Rules & Features

As for the base gameplay rules, Betsoft’s Supreme 777 Jackpots follows the traditional blackjack structure. The game is played with 6 decks across 3 hands. Dealers will hit on a soft 17. Furthermore, decks are shuffled after each round. Splitting is allowed once and the player may only draw one card on each split ace. Doubling is allowed on 9, 10 and 11-value hands only. The Surrender and Insurance options are unavailable.

The main extra features are the Supreme 777 Jackpots and the Perfect Pair side bet. The former is activated by placing the Jackpot side bet of 1.10 in the JP marker. If any of the first 2 dealt player cards are a 7, the player wins a 1:1 payout. Payouts increase the more 7s you land and if they are of the same suit or color. You can potentially win one of the jackpots depending on the color or suit combinations of your 7s.

As for the Perfect Pairs side bet, it works as usual and rewards you for scoring pairs on your opening cards. Here are the winning combinations:

  • First two cards are Red/Black Pairs
  • First two cards are Colored Pairs
  • First two cards are same value and same suit pairs

The last combination features the highest payout.


Besides standard blackjack wins like 1:1 and 3:2 there are numerous payout options for Jackpots and Perfect Pairs. To start with the player can bet up to $100 for the base blackjack bet, $100 for Perfect Pairs, and $1.1 for Jackpots. From here, the payouts are as follows for the Supreme 777 Jackpot side bet:

  • One 7 in the opening hand – 1:1
  • Two 7s in the opening hand – 5:1
  • First three cards are 7s – 100:1
  • First three cards are same colored 7s – 100% of the Minor Jackpot
  • First three cards are 7s suited clubs, diamonds or hearts – 100% of the Major Jackpot
  • First three cards are 7s suited spades – 100% of the Grand Jackpot

As for the Perfect Pairs:

  • Regular number pair – 5:1
  • Same color pair – 12:1
  • Same value and suit – 25:1

As you can see there are plenty of options for payouts if you engage in side betting. Note that only the highest Perfect Pairs side bet is paid per hand.

Supreme 777 Jackpots Strategies

When playing the Supreme 777 Jackpots blackjack, the first choice the player has to make in terms of tactics is whether to engage in side betting. The Perfect Pairs side bet is always a volatile move that is high-risk high-reward. Therefore, it might not always be an optimal option. The Supreme 777 Jackpots bet has a much lower stake of $1.10 with extraordinary payout value potential based on jackpot values. However, the chances of landing three 7s of the same color or suit are extremely rare. Note that splitting the hand will forfeit the Jackpot side bet.

On the other hand, since the blackjack rules are classic you also need to make optimal moves as per the basic blackjack strategy. We recommend using the strategy chart for the best outcomes. Card counting is significantly harder in this game due to the 6 decks that are constantly shuffled. Keep in mind that surrendering is not an option in this game when using a chart. Also, you have the option of playing with multiple hands which increases your options but also the amount of money you invest per round so be careful not to overspend.

All in all, Betsoft has done an excellent job at introducing an innovative mechanic into the standard blackjack experience. The Supreme 777 Jackpots blackjack is a worthwhile game to try both for free and for real money. It has incredible payout potential and plenty of options for players both in terms of the multi-hand and side betting features.

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