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Turbo Blackjack
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Pascal Gaming brings us a top-tier 21 experience with Turbo Blackjack. This release blends both elegant and smooth visuals with exciting gameplay. When you fire up Turbo Blackjack for the first time you will notice a slew of extra mechanics. These include the multi-hand feature either for you or your friends to play in a group. Furthermore, there are also various side bets which we are going to cover.

Players can wager anywhere from $0.1 to $100 for a chance to win some amazing payouts that can reach up to 100:1. Pascal Gaming has really brought A-game here so let us take a look at this Turbo Blackjack review. After reading the review, remember that you can try out the game in our demo play widget.

Game Rules & Features

What we love about Turbo Blackjack is that it presents a flashy blackjack experience but one that is built on classic rules. The game is played with 8 decks of 52 cards and the dealer must stand on 17s. There is a cut card pre-ordained by the game. When the cut card is reached, the decks will be shuffled. All the basic features like splitting, doubling, and surrendering are there. One interesting note is that players will only have 20 seconds to decide on their turn before the game moves to another player. This brings a sense of urgency as you cannot take forever on your decision. One base game feature is also the Six Card Charlie where the player wins if they draw 6 cards without busting.

Additionally, the play area is divided into three player boxes. These are three separate hands that the player or multiple players can interact with at the same time. You can play all three hands yourself or divide them among people. Essentially, this increases the options a player has if they are playing solo.

Another bonus feature of the game is side bets. These side betting options include the Perfect Pairs and the 21+3. The Perfect Pair side bet includes the following:

Perfect Pair – Scored by having 2 cards of the same value and suit.

Colored Pair – 2 cards of the same value and color, but of different suits.

Mixed Pair – 2 cards of the same value, but different suits and colors.

Furthermore, the poker-inspired 21+3 side bet is scored with certain combinations including the player’s opening hand and the dealer’s face-up card. These poker combinations include the Suited Triples, Straight Flush, Three of a Kind, Straight, and Flush. Overall, there are tons of options to score payouts in this game.


As we mentioned, Turbo Blackjack players can bet anywhere from $0.1 to $100 to compete for that 1:1 win payout. The blackjack payout remains the familiar 3:2. Insurance and surrender options pay 2:1 and 1:1 respectively. However, the main source of high-end payouts comes from side bets. Here the maximum wager is $10 The payouts for side bets are as follows.

The Perfect Pair side bet will get you these payouts on a win:

Mixed Pair – 5:1

Colored Pair – 12:1

Perfect Pair – 25:1

The 21+3 poker side bet has the following payouts:

Flush – 5:1

Straight - 10:1

Three of a Kind – 30:1

Straight Flush – 40:1

Suited Tripes – 100:1

These payouts can get quite high, especially with the 21+3 side betting option. Placing a bet on a side bet qualifies you for all of the payouts in that category.

Turbo Blackjack Strategies

When it comes to strategies for Turbo Blackjack, the player essentially has triple the options when playing solo. This is due to the multi-hand feature which allows for more hands to be played per round. If you are playing solo you will have more choices to make but remember that you are spending more money than you usually would on each round. Especially if you are side-betting on all three hands. This is where the blackjack strategy chart can help immensely for the most optimal moves each round.

On the other hand, card-counting strategies such as Omega or Hi-Lo are a bit more difficult to implement. This is both due to the game having 8 decks and the cut card. The cut card is pre-determined and once the shoe reaches that card, the decks will be reshuffled. This random nature of shuffling makes card counting less viable. Your best bet is to stick to the most optimal moves and use doubling and splitting in a smart way.

Overall, Turbo Blackjack by Pascal Gaming offers a stylish take on the standard experience. The game has a coherent and well-structured interface with the multi-hand feature. Additionally, players who like high-risk high-reward can enjoy then numerous side betting options like Pairs and 21+3. If you like the game, try it for free in our widget and check out our other online blackjack game reviews.

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