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Zombie Blackjack
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Zombie Blackjack
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Zombie Blackjack

We have seen many blackjack variants out there, and it is becoming hard to stand out from the crowd when it comes to such a straightforward card game. Genesis Gaming managed to do so by combining two completely unrelated things: zombies and blackjack. Zombie Blackjack features traditional horror themes and motifs with the blackjack gameplay. It creates an interesting and compelling gaming experience for everyone who tries their luck at the Zombie Blackjack table. The title is so different in style from most other blackjack games in the industry making the title definitely worth your time. Find more information about this unusual blackjack game in our Zombie Blackjack review.

Game Rules & Features

When it comes to how to play Zombie Blackjack you should know that the game follows all the standard blackjack rules. However, there are some peculiarities in the game, you should know about before sitting down at the table. First, players do not have the option of surrendering a bad hand. It is best to play a hand to the bitter end than to simply stand. Looking over some basic strategies might come in handy when it comes to making the best statistical decisions.

Another interesting feature of the Genesis Zombie Blackjack is the Coffin Bet. This is not a side-bet or a special wager. The Coffin Bet is placed automatically whenever the situation allows for it. Specifically, when the player busts and the dealer’s face-up card is 7 through Ace, the player’s original bet is turned into the Coffin Bet. It pays even money, similarly to the standard blackjack hand. The feature allows players the opportunity to turn a losing hand into a winning one, without risking even more losses. Your hand thus rises from the dead, hence the zombie part of the title.

Payouts & RTP

As we have already mentioned, Zombie Blackjack follows the standard blackjack rules. The idea, as always, is to have a stronger hand than the dealer without going over 21. You can either hit or stand on just about any hand, with the winning one providing an even-money payout. If you manage to score a blackjack hand you will get a traditional 3:2 payout. It is refreshing to see that the Genesis Zombie Blackjack maintains this standard ratio, considering that most exotic variations come with the 6:5 ratio instead.

The game houses a 99% RTP and there are no side bets available, except the Insurance bet. This bet requires an additional wager worth half your original stake. If the dealer shows blackjack, you will receive a 2:1 payment. Considering that there are no other side bets, the biggest win possible is the 3:2 reward when you manage to form a blackjack hand.

Recommended Tips

As with any other blackjack variant, consulting a blackjack cheat sheet while playing Zombie Blackjack can go a long way, especially if you are a beginner. This sheet will help you decide whether the best course of action is to stand or hit, depending on your hand. It is imperative to understand the best option for your every move, as you will not hit when your hand is 17 or up since chances are you will bust. When it comes to the Insurance Bet, do not place it too often. There is a low chance of you winning, and even if you do, the payout is simply not worth the risk.

Genesis Zombie Blackjack Summary

Genesis Gaming Zombie Blackjack is certainly one of the most compelling titles you will have the chance of playing. The core game is standard blackjack, however, when the superb graphics and animations come into play, this popular game becomes even more exciting. Moreover, the Coffin Bet is a great addition to this game, and you will definitely appreciate the option of coming back from the dead when things get tight.

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