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Online Blackjack on Android

Blackjack has been a popular casino game for many decades, and not that long ago the game has been largely exploited by Android app developers, especially for the purposes of online casino apps in order for online casino players to be able to play blackjack and other casino games on their Android Smartphones wherever they go.

Difference Between Android Blackjack Apps and PC Desktop Games

The greatest difference between Android blackjack apps and PC desktop games is the convenience and the absence of a computer mouse for playing. The performance of the app or the PC game will always depend on your Android or PC configuration. However, using an Android app with a weaker Smartphone configuration is still better than using a PC program with a weaker PC configuration.

However, using an Android Smartphone for playing a blackjack app can be a lot easier and more flowing. Here you use your fingers to make quick and easy moves. The cards are large enough, and you just need to tap your touch screen to place a bet or to request a card, to hit, to stand etc.

Using an Android tablet would be even better because of the screen size and bigger visibility, and you still use a touch screen, which is nifty. Moreover, these apps are very easy to download and install, virtually with just one tap on the screen on the download button. They are programmed so that you can get the best out of your Smartphone. Plus, these apps are developed and updated at a faster pace than computer programs.

Best Android Blackjack Game Apps from Online Casinos

Android users have a wild selection of blackjack game apps, more than any other Smartphone brands, such as the iPhone or Blackberry. So, being a blackjack gamer and having an Android is a real delight. Our site has some Android casino blackjack apps that were analyzed and tested by us, and they are also widely used by Android blackjack players. Each of them are part of a reputable online casino and each of them has a complete casino service.

Our first recommendation is the app from a top rated online casino according to customer quality audits, 32 Red. To get this app all you need to do is to open the casino website, and click the “Send App to Your Device” button on the home page. Then just enter your mobile number and you will be sent a link from where you can get the app. At the moment 32 Red gives away $32 free for every $20 deposit to all new players, so hurry up and register.

Another recommended app is the Bet365 app, a quick, simple and thrilling app with which you can play their mobile blackjack tournament, use mobile money rebates, play live dealer blackjack games and lots of other just by using your Android.

What to Consider Before Playing for Real Money

Check first if you are depositing your money at a real and well-known casino. You can do that by following our advices or just ask the more experienced Android blackjack app users. This is the first and foremost to consider. After that, you can check out if the casino offers any perks, such as mobile bonuses, additional mobile services, apart from the standard ones such as depositing, withdrawing, customer support etc. You can also ask for opinions on the quality of the app, and how well does it perform, does it have good graphics, if not excellent etc.

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