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Play Atlantic City Multi-Hand Blackjack Gold for Fun

Atlantic City Multi-Hand Blackjack Gold
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Atlantic City Multi-Hand Blackjack Gold
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Atlantic City Multi-Hand Blackjack Gold

Most people are already familiar with the fact that there are different variations of Blackjack. If you are a fan of this centuries old and popular table game, chances are that you have already played most of its variants. The rules are basically the same, depending in certain cases on the location – Blackjack is played somewhat differently in Vegas and Atlantic City, with the multi-hands versions corresponding to their single-hand counterparts. For those of you craving some extra excitement, multi-hand gold series are available, with an extra twist of glamour.

Game Rules & Features

There are 8 full card decks used in this Blackjack variant from the provider Microgaming with the maximum of 5 hands per game. The dealer can peek for Blackjack if he gets an Ace or number 10. Player is allowed to split two cards that have the same value. Should the player like to Double Down, the option is only available on the first two cards that were dealt and/or after a split. As far as the insurance is concerned, regular rules apply. The amount is no less than 50% of your original stake and it is placed as an insurance in case the dealer or the house is dealt with a Blackjack hand. An extra feature that comes with Atlantic City Blackjack Multi-Hand is a late surrender, enabling the player to give up his hand and forfeit a portion of their bet, but only if the dealer does not have a Blackjack. In case of a 17, the dealer will stand.

Payouts & RTP

The ratio of the payment will depend on the option used and the card combination. Thus a Blackjack will have the odds ratio of 3:2, cashing out a profit of $15 on a $10 bet. Standard win has a 1:1 ratio while the insurance win comes with 2:1 payout. Bets start with $5 and are limited to $5,000. The theoretical return to player is 99.65%, which is the optimal RTP percentage.

Recommended Tips

The strategies one can employ pertain to both the budget control and tactics for beating the dealer. In order to control your loses, a highly popular strategy a player can utilise is a high low system which implies increasing and decreasing your stakes in accordance to your winning streak.

Doubling down should be avoided if the dealer has A or 10 cards. Some people often avoid this step if they hold a soft hand, but it is still an option when the dealer has 3-6 cards. One should also take extra care of when to split or stand. Number 10 should not be split and it is always reasonable to stand with hard 17 or a pair of 10s in your hands, while Aces would be better off split. Combinations amounting to 12 require a hit, but that will ultimately depend on the dealer's hand. Late surrender move needs to be properly timed as well – for example, if the player has 15 and the dealer has 10, you will want to surrender the round.

Microgaming Atlantic City Multi-Hand Blackjack Gold Summary

The entire “gold” Blackjack series is quite unique as it offers a more luxurious and authentic casino experience and Atlantic City Multi-Hand Blackjack Gold is no exception. The gameplay runs smoothly and the thrill of playing with multiple hands is something that every fan of standard Blackjack should experience.

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