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Play Perfect Pairs European Multi-Hand Blackjack for Fun

Perfect Pairs European Multi-Hand Blackjack
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Perfect Pairs European Multi-Hand Blackjack
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Perfect Pairs European Multi-Hand Blackjack

Going one step further, Microgaming implements the elements of European blackjack and Perfect Pairs, merging them into a single release and creating the ultimate combination of suspense, skill and strategy. The game can be played with multiple hands, where each hand has its own perfect pair betting area, reserved for bets on Mixed, Colour and Perfect Pair hands.

Game Rules & Features

In accordance with regular European rules, Microgaming does not allow doubling down on just any dealt hand. This option can only be used with hard hands that have 9, 10 and 11 totals. If the players splits Aces, any combination with a face card in the new hand will be counted as 21 and not as Blackjack. A pair can be split only if consisting of same denomination cards, whereas different face cards cannot be separated (although they have the same value).
Players can follow up on each bet with a side wager, betting that the dealt hand will be a pair of same cards – mixed, having the same colour or identical, in which case the pair is perfect and comes with the highest possible payout.

Payouts & RTP

Bets can start with $5 and go up to $5,000 on all 5 hands or even $5,125 if you decide to place the maximum bets on all perfect pair staking fields. Depending on the hand, the winning amounts are calculated according to the standard blackjack payout - 1:1 for a standard hand, 2:1 for insurance bet and 3:2 for a blackjack. Perfect pairs payouts have a much higher turnover, with 7:1 for a mixed pair, 15:1 for a colour pair and 30:1 for a complete match. Return to player in this Microgaming blackjack release is calculated at 99.60%.

Recommended Tips

Being a game of skill, blackjack can lead to some substantial winnings in the long run, if the players follow a few simple rules. Some cards such as 8s and Aces work better if they are separated, but you may consider keeping 5s, since they, having the total of ten, can be doubled down. Hands with a hard 17 value and up are likely to cause a bust with an extra card. Soft hands can most definitely take a hit, bringing you closer to 21.

Microgaming Perfect Pairs European Multi-Hand Summary

The possibility of testing your strategic knowledge of blackjack and combining it with a bit of luck is exactly what Microgaming is going for with this release. The main perk of the game is that it allows you to change the game's level and structure, going from a single-hand straightforward European blackjack and then shifting to a multi-hand game with up to five side bets– a true gambler's paradise!

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