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Classic Multi-Hand Blackjack
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Classic Multi-Hand Blackjack
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Classic Multi-Hand Blackjack

Even though Classic Blackjack is compelling enough, it’s not bad to shuffle things up a bit (pun intended), change the standard, as you never know when the results can be unexpectedly positive. You ask for more, something beyond regular blackjack, and there you have it - Microgaming’s Multi-Hand Blackjack for your pleasure. Played with as much as 5 card decks simultaneously, Classic Multi-Hand Blackjack opens new doors in the blackjack universe and makes the game all the more exciting.

Game Rules & Features

The game of Multi-Hand Blackjack is not too different from regular blackjack; however, there is this little thing of playing with five different hands at once for added excitement. Therefore, Microgaming Classic Multi-Hand Blackjack uses 5 normal decks, cards being shuffled after every session. Picture cards have a value of ten; Aces can be seen as one or eleven. The dealer gets one card face up, and is obligated to stand on soft 17 and draw (take another card) on all hands amounting to 16.

As always, the object of the game to beat the dealer’s hand and not surpass 21 in the process, with multiple options of Doubling and Splitting at your disposal.

Payouts & RTP

Obviously, the payouts of a casino game are just as important as the gameplay, and you deserve to know what odds you are facing. Classic Multi-Hand Blackjack has some interesting alterations that affect the probabilities of winning as well. Microgaming’s Multi-Hand Blackjack has a house edge around 0.50%. To be precise, the published RTP is 99.42%, which only adds to the attractiveness of this particular variant.

Recommended Tips

Never forget to go over the rules one more time before you start playing, just to be sure you see it all clearly. What’s good about Classic Multi-Hand Blackjack is that you can apply different strategies for each of your hands; you can be aggressive and cautious at the same time thus exploring what suits your style and budget best. There is a strategy card offered by the supplier that is also worth checking out, as it will give you specific suggestions that often prove to be effective like always hitting on hard 11s or less.

Microgaming Classic Multi-Hand Blackjack Summary

Classic Multi-Hand Blackjack played online is a rewarding casino experience - also less stressful then when played at land-based casinos, as you may feel pressured by the dealer at some points. There’s a lot of luck involved, but also much more strategy then in single-deck games. Playing with five different hands at once brings new thrills to the standard game.

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