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Face Up 21
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Face Up 21
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Face Up 21

RealTime Gaming Face Up 21 is a blackjack variation that gives players quite the advantage thanks to some interesting features. Namely, this blackjack game offers you a chance to see both of the dealer’s cards from the very beginning. It allows players to make decisions easier and increases their winning chances. If you are familiar with Double Exposure Blackjack, then you will have no issue playing the Face Up 21.

However, even though the game features the double exposure function it also introduces some changes to the standard blackjack rules. These changes tilt the scales a little bit in favor of the house. It definitely adds to both the risk and the thrill as well. Take a look at the RealTime Gaming Face Up 21 review and see everything the game has to offer.

Game Rules & Features

Before learning how to Play RealTime Gaming Face Up 21, you must be aware of all the moves allowed in the game. While playing this version of online blackjack, players are allowed to double down on totals of 9, 10, or 11, after which they receive one additional card. You can also double after a split.

Like in other blackjack versions, if you are holding a pair you can split your hand and form another one. This means that you can re-make your initial bet as you are now playing with two hands at the same time. Players have the opportunity of splitting up to 3 times, meaning that you can find yourself playing with 4 hands at once. This rule does not apply to Aces, as you can split them only once.

The double exposure feature certainly gives players quite the advantage, however, there are other features that make the game slightly difficult for the player. For example, the dealer hits on soft 17 and stands on hard 17 or higher. If the dealer must stand on his first two cards, the game will automatically deal cards to the player until he/she beats the dealer or goes bust.

Another specific RealTime Gaming Face Up 21 rule is that all ties are won by the dealer. The only exception to this rule is if both the dealer and the player are holding a blackjack. In that case, the player wins, but the payout is even money, instead of 3:2.

Payouts & RTP

RealTime Gaming Face Up 21 allows players to enjoy a standard casino game time which is why there are no side bets. You will not be able to take insurance or have an early surrender either. However, the double exposure is there to add to the thrill of the game. Return to player is 99.25% with chip denominations such as $1, $5, $25, and $100. The minimum bet is $1 while the maximum one is $250.

Recommended Tips

Face Up 21 is dealt without down cards. You are able to see both of the dealer’s cards while deciding on your next move. Players must beat the dealer, as the dealer will win any tie. The exception is when both the player and the dealer are holding a blackjack. So, if you do not have more than the dealer does, we suggest you hit, otherwise, you will lose.

RealTime Gaming Face Up 21 Summary

RealTime Gaming Face Up 21 definitely holds a certain appeal. Many players will find the double exposure feature very useful and they will have better chances to make the right decisions. This being said, the game’s rules are tuned to make winning a bit harder. Despite that, consider giving the Face Up 21 a chance. Play at Casino Max today!

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