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Classic Blackjack with Ten-20
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Switch Studios’ collection of digital blackjack games just keeps growing and the newest release is Classic Blackjack with Ten-20. This blackjack game houses an interesting side bet called the Ten-20 that pays when your opening hand is a 10 or 20. More details later. Furthermore, it uses a standard European ruleset with the innovation of this special side bet. The game is played on a smooth blue table.

The player can bet anywhere from $1 to $500 for a chance to win the blackjack payout. The side bet wagering range is $1 to $100 for a chance to win upwards of 22:1. As you can see, wins can get pretty high in this game thanks to the Ten-20. The RTP value of the game is 99.40% with the usual low variance. Let us check out the details of this release in our Classic Blackjack with Ten-20 review.

Game Rules & Features

When you first launch this Switch Studios release, you will immediately notice the blue velvety table along with the Ten-20 betting setup. The game follows traditional European rules with 6 regular decks. The dealer must stand on all 17s and there is no dealer peak.

Players can double down on 9, 10, and 11s but cannot double after a split. Splits are only available once to make 2 hands. As usual, a split ace and a 10-value card count as 21 and not blackjack. One thing to note is that you cannot split 10-value cards with different faces.

The most exciting feature of this Switch Studios game is the Ten-20 bet. In Classic Blackjack with Ten-20 you can place a side bet of up to $100 for a chance to participate. You are then rewarded with a payout if your initial two cards make up any of the following hands:

  • Pair of 5s
  • A Total of 10 With Other Cards
  • Hand Total of 20

As you can see there are various ways you can score the side bet. The first one is pretty straightforward forward and there is only one combination. For the second one, you can have a 4 and a 6, a 3 and a 7, etc. For the last one, aces count as 11 to give you an additional way to score the side bet.

Let us now check out the payouts.


Now that you are familiar with the basic rules of the game and the side bet, let us see how much you can win. Firstly, the wagering range is anywhere between $1 and $500. The coins have diverse values. The maximum you can place for the side bet is $100. The main payout is the standard win that pays 1:1. Insurance wins pay 2:1 with a maximum wager of half your original bet. Finally, blackjacks pay the usual 3:2.

Additionally, the highest rewards will come from the side bet if you are lucky enough to score them. There are three stages of payouts ranging from the easiest one to achieve to the hardest one. They are as follows:

  • Hand Total of 20 – The Payout is 3:1
  • A Total of 10 With Other Cards – The Payout is 10:1
  • Pair of 5s – The Payout is 22:1

As you can see, you have a few different card combinations with which you can achieve the first two side bet payouts. However, the last one is set to two 5s which is why the payout is so grand.

Classic Blackjack with Ten-20 Strategies

When it comes to the base game of Classic Blackjack with Ten-20, players should use a reliable strategy as the rules are standard European ones. Hence the Classic in the title. The strategy is simple, new players should utilize the basic blackjack strategy chart and advanced players should use card counting.

As for the Ten-20 side bet, the house edge is usually somewhere around 5.39%. We do not recommend engaging in side betting as this is always a risky endeavor. However, if you like high-risk high-reward gameplay then managing your side betting bankroll is quite important. The most common Ten-20 payout is a hand total of 20 which is not that hard to achieve. Note that aces count as 11s to help you win that 3:1 payout.

Switch Studios has again released a game that deals with classic rules but innovates in some way. The Ten-20 side bet is not the most exciting side bet ever, but it is entertaining enough to provide something new to the standard gameplay loop. Furthermore, Classic Blackjack with Ten-20 can be played just as any regular blackjack game, the side bet is as always completely optional.

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