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Single Deck Blackjack AE
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Single Deck Blackjack
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Single Deck Blackjack

Single Deck blackjack variant is one of the most popular forms of the game, as it generates the lowest house edge – 0.15%. Although there is only one deck inside the shoe, the cards are re-shuffled before every next round.

Game Rules & Features

Up to 3 separate Ante bets can be submitted at the beginning of the Arrow’s Edge Single Deck Blackjack session - in addition to the split hands. No side bets are available, and once the mandatory bets are confirmed, the dealer will draw two cards for the player and two for the house, placing the second card face down.

If the dealer has a natural Blackjack, the round will be completed immediately. The players can then initiate a new cycle by manually submitting another Ante or by selecting the “Re-bet” option, which will automatically repeat the previous bet.

With no natural Blackjack in play after the initial cards are dealt, the player can use one of the options lined up at the bottom of the game screen:
• Hit – request a card
• Stand – request no cards and play the hand
• Double – double the bet and take one more card. Doubling is permitted on any two cards, even after a split. The split Aces are exempt from this rule.
• Split – separate two cards and play them as two hands. Re-splitting is not possible.
• Insurance – increase the bet by 50% if the dealer’s up card is an Ace. The bet will win if the dealer’s hand is a natural Blackjack.
The house rules require the dealer to stand on hard 17 and hit on soft 17 or 16s. Player’s hands with the same value as the dealer’s hands will end as a tie and the Ante bet will be returned.

Payouts & RTP

Single Deck Blackjack can return 99.85% of an average bet unit, which makes this variant much more favourable for the players than any multi-deck version of the game. The bets are settled according to the standard rates:
Natural Blackjack – 3:2
Natural Blackjack after a split hand – 1:1
Insurance – 2:1
Non-Blackjack winning hands – 1:1

Recommended Tips

Although only one deck is in play, the automatic re-shuffling will prevent you from tracking the cards – there are, however, strategic rules that can be employed for optimal results:
• Hit on 4 - 7 if the up card is 2 – A
• Hit on 8 if the up card is 2 – 4 or 7 – A, otherwise double
• Hit on 12 if the up card is 2, 3 or 7 – A, otherwise stand
• Hit on 13 – 16 if the up card is 7 – A, otherwise stand
• Stand on hard 17 and 18
• Stand on soft 18 if the up card is 2, 7, and 8
• Stand on soft 19 if the up card is 2 – 6 or 7 – A
• Double on 9 if the up card is 2 – 6, otherwise hit
• Double on 10 if the up card is 2 – 9, otherwise hit
• Double on 11
• Double on soft 13 – 16 if the up card is 4 – 6
• Double on soft 17 if the up card is 2 – 6
• Double on soft 18 if the up card is 3 – 6
• Double on soft 19 if the up card is 6
• Always split 8s and Aces

The following hands should be split, but only under following circumstances (and if doubling after split is allowed):
• 2-2 if the up card is 2 – 7, otherwise hit
• 3-3 if the up card is 2 – 8, otherwise hit
• 4-4 if the up card is 4 – 6, otherwise hit
• 6-6 if the up card is 2 – 7, otherwise hit
• 7-7 if the up card is 2 – 8, hit if the up card is a 9 / Ace, stand if the up card is a 10
• 9-9 if the up card is 2 – 6 or 8 – 9, stand if the up card is 7 or 10, split if the up card is A.

Single Deck Blackjack Summary

A straightforward blackjack variant that provides an equal playing field for all the players, by introducing the automatic card re-shuffling before every round. The return to the player percentage is higher than with multi-deck variants and thanks to the omission of any bonus bets, the house edge does not decrease.

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