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BlackJack Side Bets
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If you are seeking some innovation to the standard Blackjack gameplay loop then GameArt’s newest release is for you. BlackJack Side Bets by GameArt is the brand-new blackjack game on the block with exciting blackjack side-bet options. Players will have more freedom and options on how they spend their money since the game has 2 side bet options that have their own variations.

Additionally, the player will have three hands to bet on increasing their blackjack gaming possibilities. Each hand can have its own separate side bet or two. The player can bet from €0.20 to €200 on each hand with the addition of the side bet. The side bet limit is €100 per side bet place. With all of these betting options, the maximum payout is 100x all of the player’s bets.

GameArt has definitely raised the stakes with BlackJack Side Bets allowing the player to customize their experience whether they want a more stable game or a high-risk high-reward one. Let us take a closer look at the game in this BlackJack Side Bets review.

Game Rules & Features

BlackJack Side Bets is a new innovative experience on the blackjack table that is played with 6 decks of 52 cards. Players can choose to play on up to 3 betting places. The first is the main blackjack bet, and the ones next to it are the two side bet options. In addition, players can have two more blackjack hands for up to 3 betting combinations per round. There are plenty of options so let us cover the side betting phase that comes first.

Besides the main bet, players can place their money on the Perfect Pairs side bet slot to the right and the 21+3 side bet slot to the left of their main bet. The Perfect Pair side bet rules require the player to make pairs with the first two cards dealt. There are three pair options in the form of the Mixed Color Pair, Same Color Pair, and Perfect Pair. Each has its own payout value which we will cover later.

Additionally, there is also the 21+3 side bet. This high-win side bet requires the player to arrange their first two cards plus the dealer’s face card in one of the five recognized poker hands. There are five combinations possible in BlackJack Side Bets with the Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Straight Flush, and Suited Three of a Kind.

From here, regular blackjack rules continue where the player needs to score a combined card value higher than the dealer without going over 21. The additional rule is that the dealer must stand on soft 17s and draw to 16. The insurance bet is also present for additional safety, but be careful when you use it.


As we mentioned the players have the option of betting €0.2 up to €200 or €100 for side bets. There are three hands in total available for play so this means three potential ways to reach the 100x maximum payout. Blackjack payouts are the standardized 3:2 which is always great to see as opposed to the 6:5 payout. The insurance bet pays 2:1 but should be used sparingly.

Furthermore, there are various payouts for the side bets. Though there are two side bets available, Perfect Pairs and 21+3, they have their own variations with different payouts. Let us look at those side bet payouts starting with the Perfect Pairs.

  • Perfect Pair – This combination pays the most out of the pairs with 25:1
  • Sane Color Pair – For landing cards of the same color you get a 12:1 payout
  • Mixed Color Pair – The lowest paying combination for the Pairs side bet is 6:1

Additionally, there are the 21+3 side bets that rely on poker combinations. There are 5 of them in total and the player has to achieve them by combining their two opening cards with the dealer’s face card.

  • Flush – For three cards in the same suit you get 100:1
  • Straight – For three cards of consecutive values you get 40:1
  • Three of a Kind – For three cards of the same value you get 30:1
  • Straight Flush – For three cards of consecutive values that are all in the same suit you get 10:1
  • Suited Three of a Kind – For three cards of the same value and the same suit you get 5:1

As you can see the 21+3 side bet has amazing payouts but is of course much harder to achieve.

BlackJack Side Bets Strategies

Though BlackJack Side Bets focuses on side betting as its crucial element, the basic strategy remains rooted in the regular game of blackjack. Therefore, players will have increased payouts by following the basic strategy blackjack chart.

Furthermore, for advanced players, the best way to start is by analyzing card counting strategies like Hi-Op I and Hi-Op II for 6 decks. Following that, players should be wary of the Insurance Bet option as it is generally not a recommended bet outside of highly specific situations where you are counting cards.

Finally, you can play the side bets in a more stable way by reducing your betting coin value. This way you can play the side bets multiple times on the same budget. Remember that there are 2 of them multiplied by 3 hands. So if you constantly place your usual bet amount on all 9 positions including the main hand, chances are your budget is going to suffer.

All in all, GameArt has done an amazing job with BlackJack Side Bets. The game combines the multiple-hand design approach with various side-betting options. As we have mentioned, there are 9 positions to bet on that are highly customizable. So try the game out and figure out what play style is the best for you. If you would like to play BlackJack Side Bets for real money or for free, remember to check out our recommended casinos for the optimal blackjack experience.

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