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Double Attack Blackjack
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Double Attack Blackjack
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Double Attack Blackjack

With so many variations on the classic blackjack formula, it is possible to make a distinction among versions that are very much alike the traditional game and those that are plain innovative. Playtech Double Attack Blackjack falls into the latter category, being a game with lots of twist and side bets exclusive only to this particular title. Brick and mortar casinos in Atlantic City have made this variant popular, now allowing it to be enjoyed online as well.

Game Rules & Features

While Double Attack Blackjack does keep the game’s basic principles, it comes complete with a specific game structure and some unconventional additions. For starters, this Playtech variation uses eight card decks, Spanish decks, which are normal decks minus the four tens. The dealer's up card is dealt first.

Immediately after this card is dealt, the player has the option to Double Attack – to raise the wager up to double. This relates to the Spanish 21 version, where the blackjack hand pays even money and the player has the opportunity to double his/hers initial wager after seeing the dealer’s up card.

The rule states that the dealer must stand on soft 17s, and another interesting fact is that insurance pays 5 to 2 in the case of Double Attack Blackjack. There is also an option of placing a Bust It side bet. If the dealer goes bust with three cards, you will be paid a specific amount depending on the cards the dealer had in his loosing hand.

Payouts & RTP

For a game that originated as a version of a version of the original, Double Attack Blackjack offers a high payout rate. Playtech’s release is the most popular one, and it sports an RTP of 99.11%. Ass for the odds, the fact that blackjacks pay 1:1 instead of 3:2 can spark some concerns, but the insurance payouts have changed as well, and could be used for gain combined with low casino advantage.

Recommended Tips

Don’t disregard standard blackjack strategy charts, as they will be of great help to you even during this unusual game with eight decks in play. Double Down on 9, 10 and 11 is always recommendable, including never hitting above 17. Double Attack Blackjack in particular requires you to use the Double Attack option when the dealer’s up card is from 2 to 8. Doing it when the value of the dealer’s card is higher is not recommendable.

Playtech Double Attack Blackjack Summary

It is safe to say that Double Attack Blackjack is one of the most exciting blackjack variants ever invented. It features an optional side bet, the Double Attack twist early in the game, a high return to player rate and a more attractive insurance payout then other variations. Definitely worth experiencing, unless you are a diehard classic 21 fan.

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