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Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky
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Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky
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Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky is a popular variant of Switch Studios’ Premier Blackjack. Launched in late 2021, Lucky Lucky has a great 99.57% RTP and a huge 52.35% hit rate, providing you’re using the optimal strategy. The maximum exposure offered in this Microgaming title is 24,125 won on the engaging side bet. The Lucky Lucky Blackjack variation features the same-titled bonus bet absent from the original game. While high-paying, Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky applies an increased house edge on the side bet. Namely, if you play the Lucky Lucky bonus bet in Microgaming casinos online, the RTP sits at 96.06%. However, as these stats are according to the industry’s standards, Premier Blackjack is a great game for every casino card game lover. Read Blackjack Gala’s Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky review to see all the features and learn how to play. Bes strategy included!

Game Rules and Features

Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky is played according to the familiar Vegas-style rules. In short, that means that you, as the player, receive two cards that only you can see. On the other hand, the dealer (the casino) gets one face-up card and one card facing down. If the dealer’s face card is an Ace, players may place an additional Insurance Bet. In the case of the dealer’s blackjack, the player wins a portion of the payout, notably, 2:1.

To play Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky for real money, start by placing your bet. The betting range allows the minimum bet of $1, while the max bet per round is $200. These numbers apply to both single and combined bets alike. For example, you can bet one or multiple hands, or you may take the bonus bet, but you don’t have to. However, it makes little sense to play Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky if you avoid the side bet.

Other important features in this Switch Studios release include actions. In this blackjack rendition, the accepted playing options include:

  • Hit
  • Stand
  • Split (after two identical cards)
  • Double down (on the first two cards and after a split)

That said, the most interesting part about this Switch & Microgaming collaboration is the special feature. Scroll down to read more.

Payouts and RTP

The optimal theoretical return to player value in Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky is 99.57%. Nevertheless, this estimation applies to playing the basic strategy with no deviations. In other words, no side or bonus bets can be part of your gameplay to achieve such a high player advantage.

But if you like to risk in online casinos, you should definitely play Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky.

Check out the paytable for the exclusive Lucky Lucky bonus bet:

Lucky Lucky™ RTP %
Suited 7-7-7 200:1 96.06%
Suited 6-7-8 100:1
Unsuited 7-7-7 50:1
Unsuited 6-7-8 25:1
Suited total of 21 15:1
Unsuited total of 21 3:1
Total of 20 2:1
Total of 19 2:1


If you like to play it safe and stick to traditional gambling, you can completely steer away from unconventional bets. While indeed high-paying, Lucky Lucky involves a good amount of risk. In its basic form, Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky has a low 0.43% house edge.

Recommended Tips

The best way to win any blacken game online is by applying the perfect strategy. That means following the pre-determined blackjack charts with exact moves in any given scenario. Albeit somewhat predictable, this system brings regular income and safe gambling. In that sense, we can show you how to use the perfect basic strategy.

Another popular strategy is card counting, which is entirely impossible in RNG casino games. Therefore, there’s little use in learning how to count cards regarding Premier Blackjack. Lastly, we can recommend managing your bankroll wisely so as to preserve your funds. Lucky Lucky is a risky bet which can easily drain your balance if left unattended, so to say. Therefore, please set your limits before you even start playing for real money.

Switch Studios Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky Summary

Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky is Switch Studios’ most ambitious game of its caliber to date. Paired with Microgaming, the independent gaming studio crowned the card game with its memorable graphics and a classy vibe throughout. The gaming experience is very realistic and although running on RNG, Premier Blackjack feels like a live casino game. Try out the free Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky demo version here on!

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