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Super 21 Blackjack
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Super 21
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Super 21 Blackjack

RTG creation, Super 21 is played in accordance to standard blackjack rules, with a separate Diamond bonus and a six-card hand instant win. What differentiates Super 21 from most online blackjack variants is the late surrender move, allowed at any time. Players can even forfeit the round after a split, surrendering each hand separately.

Game Rules and Features

RTG takes a more liberal approach with the rules; thus, Super 21 allows the player to surrender at any time and to split all equal value cards. Splitting Aces however is still limited to one hit per hand. Both the dealer and the player start with two cards each, and the dealer is required to hit on soft 17 and stand on soft 18 and higher. An insurance bet option will be offered to the player every time the upcard is an Ace – the players can use it to protect themselves against the dealer's Blackjack by submitting half of their original bet.

Players can decide to double down on any two cards, but this move will annul extra payouts. Bonus hands such as Diamond Blackjack (two diamond cards with 21 total), combination of 5 and 6 cards amounting to 21 or 6 card hand with the total of 20 or less, belong to the extra paytable with different payment odds.

Payouts & RTP

Payout table in Super 21 comes with even money pay for all regular, blackjack and six-card 20 (or less) totals. Insurance bet and Diamond Blackjack pays 2:1 and the same ratio is used for five and six cards with 21 total. With push (or tie) hands, there are no payouts, and the bet is returned to the player. Player's blackjack on the other hand, always wins. The maximum bet is limited to $100 whereas the return to player is 99.42%.

Recommended Tips

Due to the bonus payments in RTG's Super 21, the player will want to employ the so-called Two-Card strategy, followed by the Three, Four and Five Card strategy. Every new hit will transfer the players from one strategy to another, until they manage to reach six-card hand without busting. Upcards will of course affect the player's next move, so the first two strategies will direct the player to stand on 13 if the upcard is 2 – 6. According to strategy Four, the player should stand on 13 only when the dealer has 6. Once you reach the Five Card strategy, you will not want to stand on 13 totals.

RTG Super 21 Blackjack Summary

Super 21 is a blackjack variant that requires a different approach due to its structure - one that challenges the players and invites them to leave their comfort zone and take greater risks. The risk can of course be controlled as RTG launched the free mode play as well, enabling the player to practice and play for fun before feeling confident enough to switch to the real money game.

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