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Premier Multi-Hand Blackjack
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Premier Multi-Hand Blackjack
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Premier Multi-Hand Blackjack

Premier Multi-Hand Blackjack by Microgaming belongs to their Premier series releases, characteristic for supreme visual layout and unique gameplay features. The game incorporates blackjack type selection button as well as the settings table, where the players can use the predefined options to adjust the game to their own personal preferences, experience and skill level.

Game Rules and Features

The number of active hands can vary, enabling the players to hold up to five hands at the same time. The round starts when the bets are placed on the designated fields and the players click on the “deal” button. Follow up options are then presented and the players continue by drawing an extra card, standing, or doubling the bet if the hand total is 9, 10 and 11. Two of the same cards can either be played as one hand or be separated into two different hands.

Splitting a pair will however eliminate the double down option. While the player can opt for a hit option on any hand total, the dealer must stand on all 17 hands. An additional option offered to the player is the insurance bet, allowing the players to protect themselves from the dealer's Blackjack combination. Insurance can be taken when the dealer's upcard is an Ace.

Payouts & RTP

Microgaming Premier Multi-Hand Blackjack is perfect for high rollers, as the maximum bet goes up to $5,000. Still, with the minimum of $1,00 stake and 99.52% RTP, the developer made the game suitable for a wide range of players. Payout table follows the regular 1:1 ratio for a standard win, 2:1 for insurance stake and 3:2 for a blackjack.

Recommended Tips

Most blackjack players have already developed their strategy and they can easily employ it through the Expert feature, where one can customise the moves. In most cases, the players will draw the new cards for as long as the risk of busting is minimal and stand on hands with higher totals. Your moves will of course be determined by the upcard. For example, your total of 8 to 12 with dealer's upcard 7 to 9 should lead to a hit, while your 13 and higher with the dealer's 6 or lower is a cue to stand.

Microgaming Premier Multi-Hand Blackjack Summary

Microgaming went to great lengths to provide the best possible blackjack experience. It seems that nothing was left to chance – every detail is carefully elaborated, enabling the players to simply enjoy the game's great visuals and benefit from the recommended moves option or even design their strategic plan.

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