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Switch Studios is back with another interesting innovation for our favorite 21 card game with their new release ReDeal Blackjack. Apart from its elegant table and interface visual design, the game houses a sophisticated blackjack system featuring the new ReDeal player option.

We have all been subject to lousy blackjack hands while the dealer keeps scoring those 10-value cards and aces. Switch Studios’ ReDeal Blackjack says a collective no to that and allows the players to ReDeal their hands. That’s right, players will have the option to switch their cards in ReDeal Blackjack and also even change the dealer’s hand. How awesome is that?

Furthermore, players can bet anywhere from $1 to $500 for a chance to win the 2000x maximum payout when playing ReDeal Blackjack for real money. The RTP of the game is 99.60% which is a good value even for Blackjack games. With all the surface information being said let’s dive into the details in this ReDeal Blackjack review.

Game Rules & Features

ReDeal Blackjack has its own ruleset as with any blackjack table you play at. The game is played with 2 regular decks where the dealer cannot peak at his card and must stand on all 17. The players have the double down, split, and insurance bet options with the following caveats:

  • Double Down – You can only double down on hard value hands that equal 9, 10, and 11. Additionally, you cannot double down after a split.
  • Splitting – You can split only once to make 2 hands with multiple cards to split Aces. A split Ace and a 10 count simply as 21, not a Blackjack. Furthermore, you cannot split 10-value cards with different faces.
  • Insurance Bets – There are no insurance bets offered when the dealer draws an Ace.

Moreover, the vital feature of ReDeal Blackjack is the titular ReDeal feature. When starting a new round, players can ReDeal up to 5 times per game. There are three ReDeal options in the form of Player Hand, Dealer Hand, and Last Card. Player and Dealer options re-deal all player and dealer cards while the Last Card option re-deals your last drawn card when hitting. Additionally, ReDeals have their own specific costs depending on the card situation with some ReDeals even being free from time to time.

Furthermore, if the player chooses to split or double, the ReDeal option is not offered. In the same vein, if the player’s hand is a bust, the player cannot ReDeal the dealer’s hand. Finally, if the player draws an Ace and a 10-card after ReDeal, their hand does not count as Blackjack but a simple 21.


With the base game rules and the ReDeal feature covered let us look at the payouts. When playing ReDeal Blackjack for real money players have the option to bet a $1 chip up to a $500 one for a chance to win the maximum payout of 2000x. The neat thing about this is that players can improve their chances of reaching that maximum payout by fiddling around with the ReDeal option.

The blackjack payout is the standard 3:2 ratio, meaning you will receive 150% of your wager when you score Blackjack. The insurance bet pays 2:1 for those who wish to guard themselves against any dealer blackjacks. The additional freedom of the ReDeal option also allows players to change the dealer’s hand thus making the insurance bet slightly more obsolete.

Keep in mind that payouts for blackjack will not be 3:2 if the player scores a 21 through ReDeals.

ReDeal Blackjack Strategies

With the innovative ReDeal option in Switch Studios’ ReDeal Blackjack players have much more control of their game. The main thing you should do with the ReDeal option is change the dealer’s hand if they draw 10-value cards or Aces. This ensures that they do not score a blackjack with their opening two cards. Keep in mind though that the ReDeal feature costs more resources if the dealer’s hand is strong. However, this is balanced with the fact that ReDeal options are sometimes free.

Apart from the ReDeal feature players can use the traditional blackjack strategy chart for a stable payout since ReDeal Blackjack follows the standard blackjack rules. The only option that is not available is the surrender option. But cases where the surrender option is viable can simply be changed by altering your hand with the ReDeal feature.

All in all, Switch Studios’ ReDeal Blackjack is a solid and innovative blackjack release. It offers players more control of the game which is always a good feature. Players can now re-deal bad hands and almost eliminate bad luck streaks while playing blackjack. Even though the ReDeal feature costs you resources, the game balances this out by offering free ReDeals from time to time making the game worthwhile to play.

With an RTP of 99.60% and the ability to control the pace of your blackjack game with re-deals, ReDeal Blackjack is definitely worth your time. It offers a maximum win of 2000x your original bet which you can reach much more often by controlling your and the dealer’s hand. If you are interested in trying out ReDeal Blackjack you can find it in any online casino that offers Switch Studio releases.

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