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Perfect Pairs
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Perfect Pairs
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Perfect Pairs

Merging a classic strategic game of blackjack with a game-of-chance based side bet, RTG Perfect Pairs release has all the characteristic features of a regular blackjack with one exciting attribute - the additional betting area for all potential pairs of equal value cards that have the same or different suit. And, of course, an extremely high payout potential.

Game Rules & Features

Betting on the main area employs all the regular rules of blackjack where the object of the game is to beat the dealer's hand with 21 or less. The player can opt for hit, stand, or double down on any two cards. A pair of equal value cards can be split and the player may continue to hit each separate hand. However, splitting Aces allows for only one extra card on each hand.

Players can also place a side stake, betting that they will have a pair of same cards. The pairs can be Mixed, Same Colour or Perfect (both same suit and colour), in which case they have the highest payout ratio. The players are allowed to place an insurance bet if the dealer has an Ace and the dealer must stand on hard 17 and hit on soft.

Payouts & RTP

Standard play only pays out according to 1:1, 2:1 and 3:2 ratio – 1 to 1 for a regular hand, 2 to 1 for insurance and 3 to 2 if a player has a blackjack. Payments are a lot higher for a side perfect pair bet and pay 25:1 for a perfect, 12:1 for a coloured and 6:1 for a mixed pair. The expected RTP percentage is 99.52% and RTG limits the bets on $100, with the minimum of $1.00.

Recommended Tips

As far as the main bet is concerned, basic strategic rules can be followed. The best option for all high value hands is to stand – the higher the hand the higher the risk of busting if you decide to draw a card. Doubling down is recommended if the player has 11. With a 10 value hand, players should not double if the upcard is and Ace or ten. In most cases, sticking to the basic strategy, careful splitting and placing lower perfect pair bets is the safest way to ensure a long and profitable gameplay.

RTG Perfect Pairs Summary

The appeal of Perfect Pairs is that it can be played by different profile players, regardless of their styles and preferences, as it combines the adrenaline rush of true gambling and the strategic character of old school blackjack.

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