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Advantages of Playing at Live Blackjack Tables

Staff Writer 08/08/2017 Blog 91 views

For a long time blackjack lovers only had two options at their disposal – to play 21 at brick and mortar casinos at crowded tables or settle with regular online blackjack variants powered by computer software. Not that we’re saying that any of these options are bad; each of them has its particular set of charms and advantages, but what we’re trying to say is that the time has come for an alternative. The gaming industry delivered, and we got ourselves a new way of playing blackjack. Live blackjack tables became a standard at any well-known web-based casino, offering the latest technology achievements to blackjack players at their homes or places of rest.

How do live blackjack games work? These games are played online, like any other blackjack variant dependent on software, animated and deprived of real dealers, except that they aren’t animated and feature actual human dealers. Online blackjack is excellent, and there are many top-quality games out there from respectable providers. However, live dealer blackjack is not just about the game – its purpose is not to imitate blackjack in a virtual way, but rather to simulate a real blackjack experience where the dealer is present as an integrated part of the gameplay. Live casino blackjack games benefit from a real-time video streaming presentation, the physical presence of professional dealers, excellent camera coverage, easy-to-use software for placing bets and an overall sense of realism that can never be achieved with software only and a standard virtual take on the game.

What characteristics of live blackjack can be pinpointed as its greatest advantages? The major benefit of joining a live blackjack table is the unique experience of playing the game in real time from a remote location while the events get transmitted into your device enabling you to keep track of every detail through the entire course of the session. The gameplay is streamed from professionally managed casino studios/rooms and the cameras never leave the table for as long as the game lasts, leaving no room for suspicion about the game’s legitimacy. In order to additionally convince players that there is no way that the games are in any way pre-recorded, some casinos include a TV set in the background with a news channel on.

The other big advantage of live casino blackjack variants is the possibility of interacting with the dealers through live chat. The croupiers are usually gorgeous and skilled, not to mention in a fabulous mood all the time and determined to make you forget about all your worries and enjoy the game to the max. In addition to what we’ve mentioned so far, we’d also like to point out the possibility of a wider gaming experience online than at a brick and mortar venue. There are more blackjack variants to choose from with different side bets and different betting limits in live casino sections than at land-based casino floors. Statistically, return to player rate percentages are equivalent to those found at actual casino rooms and the sense of familiarity is much more intense at live blackjack tables than during an animated game of 21. To each his own, but there is no denying that live casino carries numerous advantages.

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