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Blackjack Party Pits: Why You Should Avoid Them

Staff Writer 09/12/2018 Blog 83 views

A Blackjack party pit is a casino concept introduced in Las Vegas casinos in the 2000s. As you would expect, Blackjack party pits bring a festive atmosphere to Blackjack tables along with attractive female dealers and dancers. Although the idea may sound alluring, such a concept comes with a few disadvantages and in this article, we will explain why you should avoid Blackjack party pits.

Higher House Edge

This is one of the major problems with Blackjack party pits. You will be welcomed and kept entertained by dancing girls and fancy tables, but you may be uninformed that your odds of winning will be lower here. The truth is that someone has to pay for the fun and that would be players who join the table. What does it practically means? Regular Blackjack games pay on natural Blackjack hands 3:2. When playing the game at party pits, the same hand pays 6:5. That further means that the house edge is increased from 0.5% to around 1.9%, which is unfavourable to players. Other Blackjack party pit rules may include allowing dealers to hit on a soft 17, which is another thing that increases the house edge to more than 2%.

These are some of the rules that make Blackjack party pits a concept you should avoid. Others may include not allowing re-splitting aces or doubling down after splitting. As a novice to this form of entertainment, you have to check out rules and the house edge at party pits as they in most cases differ from standard Blackjack tables.

Entertainment or Distraction

Playing Blackjack at party pits is a one of a kind experience, that’s for sure. However, your odds of winning will not be as high as at a regular Blackjack table and you can be distracted by lots of going on around you. Music blasting, dancing girls, alcoholic drinks – all these things may be super fun when you are at a party, but if you have come to beat the house, this can lead to the lack of attention. And we know that Blackjack is one of few skill-based casino games where the player’s decisions and moves can lower the house edge and result in victory. On the other hand, different distractions can affect your decision-making and result in a loss.

Sex Sells but You Don’t Have to Buy

Finally, we have to discuss our personal values. The concept of Blackjack party pits is built on the premise that sex sells. With attractive dealers and scantily clad dancers, it is easy to guess who party pits address to. Stop for a moment and reconsider your values. Do you really believe that women should be treated that way and that you are a person who should enjoy such a sexist form of entertainment? It may seem tempting, but we don’t buy it and you should not do it either.

We know that we cannot change the world, but we can choose to play our favourite casino game where it belongs, in regular land-based casinos or online. As you can easily see, it’s not only about unfavourable rules and distractions. It is a question of treating other human beings with a minimum of respect.

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