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Most Common Mistakes in Blackjack

Most Common Mistakes in Blackjack

Staff Writer 06/14/2019 Blog 59 views

Unlike most games you can play at casinos, Blackjack is a game that involves skill. As a matter of fact, the decisions players make can affect the outcome of each round. It’s not all about choosing and placing your bets, it is about the moves that you make. Since you can play the game of Blackjack online and at land-based casinos, we have compiled a list of most common mistakes you can make while playing both game formats.

Not Knowing the Rules

Even when you play a slot machine where results are completely random you should know the rules you will play by. As for Blackjack, not knowing the rules is one of the biggest mistakes a player can make. Each game variant differs from another. Only when you know the rules, you can design your strategy or apply the optimal one. By the rules, we mean that you must know how much a natural Blackjack pays, whether the soft 17 rule applies, when you are allowed to double down or split and so on. For instance, you should not choose to play the game variant where the dealer hits on soft 17 as it has a higher house edge.

Poor Bankroll Management

Poor money management can be detrimental to your bankroll whichever casino game that you play and Blackjack is no exception. You must set aside the amount you can afford to gamble and stick to it. Avoid progressive betting systems as they cannot help you decrease the house edge. Instead, practice the optimal strategy and learn good money management.

Not Playing Rationally

This one goes hand in hand with poor bankroll management. Players can get nervous when losing which typically leads to a series of non-rational moves. It is okay that you go bust from time to time. When this happens, take a deep breath, relax and think about your next move. By not playing rationally, we mean that you should not risk too much and increase your wagers to cover your losses. On the other hand, every bet that you place comes with a risk, so risking rationally is the prerequisite for winning.

No Doubling or Splitting Good Hands

Doubling down in Blackjack is one of the most exciting moves you can make in Blackjack. It allows you to increase your bet and win a double payout. The Double Down rule varies from one variant to another and knowing when you should go for this option is crucial for your success.

Splitting cards is another option Blackjack players can make use of. Just like with Double Down, it is differently used in different game variants. Once you have learned when you are allowed to split the cards, make sure not to overuse it. You should split only the weak cards thus trying to improve your hand. To make the most of this option, learn in which situations you should split the cards.

Not Applying the Basic Strategy

It all comes down to applying the basic strategy. Once you choose a Blackjack variant you would like to play, learn all about it and make sure to practice the basic strategy for it. Not doing so will be a terrible mistake which can lead to a complete failure at a Blackjack table.

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