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Online Blackjack Money Management

Staff Writer 06/14/2017 Blog 510 views

There are plenty of blackjack systems that players try to use in order to win money in the casino. However, most players completely dismiss the money management side of the game and this can turn in to a real problem. You can master any system, but without managing your bankroll correctly, you will probably still make a loss in the casino. Many people run into trouble because they don’t think about how much they should spend but if you stay in control of your finances then you stand your best chance of coming away with profit.


Generally, players should always buy-in with at least 50x the minimum bet of the table game you wish to play at the casino. This means, to play at a $5 minimum bet table, you need to buy-in with $250. This will enable you to recover from a damaging few hands which will inevitably come in a game of blackjack. Having this extra money will get you through this and hopefully your luck will swing back in your favour.

What Should You Bet?

What you bet is determined by a few factors, one of them being how good your hand is. Like any card game, if your hand is unfavourable then bet with a lower stake then if it’s decent. You must also decide how much you can actually afford to lose in one bet. A lot of it is down to experience and learning how much you should bet at one time.

Win and Loss Limit

It’s a good idea to know when you are going to stop playing and when you are going to carry on, which is why we advise a win and loss limit. A general rule is to walk away when you have made about 30-40% of your initial bankroll. It’s probably more important to know when to stop and we suggest calling it a night when you have lost 50% of what you started with. Obviously, this only applies when you’re playing with high stakes. If you start with only $10 then there’s probably no point using these limits.

Flat Betting

Finally, if you are only playing blackjack for entertainment purposes and you are not there to try and make money (which is not advised) then it’s fun to use the flat betting strategy. This involves betting the same amount of every single hand whether you are up or down, and always ensures you’re never making ridiculous bets that will see you bankroll decrease dramatically. It may take longer than aggressive betting techniques that some players use in order to make profit, but if you have enough time on your hands, you have a good chance of walking away from the table with your spirits still held high.


Obviously, your money management when playing blackjack is based on your own personal finances and situations. Casinos should not be seen as a way of making money, but instead a way of having fun. As long as you stick to these basic rules then you’ll always enjoy playing blackjack and shouldn’t be losing more money than you can afford to lose.

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