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Playing Blackjack with Casino Bonuses

Staff Writer 12/26/2017 Blog 91 views

Although Casino Bonuses are usually linked with slots and come in a form of welcome packages for newly registered players, frequent visitors and long-term online casino members are well acquainted with the fact that card and table games come with a separate Bonus offer  – one that can save you a bundle and help you join the action of the higher limit tables.

In order to meet the demands of Blackjack aficionados, plenty of online casinos provide a special set of Bonuses, targeting those who would like to test their Blackjack skills but have a limited budget. If your balance does not automatically qualify you as a high roller, Bonuses can be extremely beneficial and significantly prolong your gameplay, serving as your gambling crutch. Two of the most commonly found Blackjack Bonuses are Cashable Blackjack Bonus and Non-Cashable, aka Sticky Blackjack Bonus.

Cashable Blackjack Bonuses

Probably the most widely spread type of promotion, Cashable Bonus allows the player to make a withdrawal of the winnings after fulfilling the wagering requirements. This part of the deal is the least popular condition of obtaining the Bonus, as it requires the player to wager a certain amount before being able to withdraw the funds.

Traditionally, Cashable Bonuses are awarded as a deposit match and the player’s balance is increased by a certain percentage. The Bonus can be expanded to the second or even a third and a fourth deposit, with a varying percentage match. For those with limited funds, Cashable Bonuses are a great way to upgrade the game and play at more demanding, high-limit tables.

Sticky Blackjack Bonuses

With the Sticky Bonus, the casino is actually only “lending” you the funds to play with. The Bonus amount can only be used towards placing bets and the players are not allowed to withdraw it and transfer it to their personal accounts. All the winnings that are generated with the help of Sticky Bonuses can, of course, be pulled out from the casino, minus the amount that the casino has lend you.

Sticky Bonuses are preferred by a majority of players simply because there are no play-through requirements to be met. There are, however, restrictions on the amount that can be wagered, but objectively speaking, Sticky Bonuses are extremely player friendly.

How Do I Become Eligible and Apply The Bonus?

The only thing a player needs to do in order to become qualified for Blackjack Bonuses is to deposit the required amount and activate the desired Bonus. Sometimes, a code will be provided by the casino, which will immediately trigger the promotion and increase your balance. It is very important to realize that the funds can only be directed to Blackjack wagering and the system will not recognize any of the bets placed outside the relevant tables.

Most casinos offer their Blackjack Bonuses in cycles, awarding deposit free Bonus Blackjack cash amounts every week or month to random casino members. These Bonuses are usually free from wagering requirements, but they are time limited and have to be used up within a pre-set time frame.

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