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Super Sevens Side Bet Explained

Staff Writer 02/27/2018 Blog 47 views

One of the best ways to break the routine and add some edge to a Blackjack session is to choose a variant with the side bet options. The most lucrative ones are of course Super Sevens bets, which come with an extremely high payout rate, depending on the number of 7s in the player’s hand. Regardless of the appeal that these bets have for the player, it is important to remember that high payout rate equals high house edge. This should be a clear indication that Super Sevens and similar bets must be carefully considered and understood before being submitted, otherwise, they are likely to wreak havoc. If you are unable to resist the temptation, most online Blackjack tables provide the player with the option of removing all side best from the table and turning them back on when the odds look more favourable and the balance is optimal.

What exactly is the Super Sevens bet?

It is crucial to understand that any type of side bets pose a certain risk and requires more advanced Blackjack skills. Players who only have basic strategy skills are taking a chance when wagering on Super Sevens and should be both mentally and financially prepared for the consequences.

Together will other extra wagers, Super Sevens are independent of the player’s main Blackjack bet – even if you lose on Super Sevens, your hand can still beat the house. The bet becomes valid as soon as the players place the required amount on the relevant betting area and the dealers can then start the session.

As the name itself indicates, 7s are crucial cards and the player wins this bet if their first card out of the three is a 7.  Each additional 7 further increases the payout and allows the player to split the sevens, without decreasing the payout rate.

Super Sevens Payout

Super Sevens have different payout levels, depending on the number of dealt sevens and their suit. The most likely outcome, being dealt with one 7, comes with the lowest payout rate of 3:1. The payout is increased to 50:1 for an extra 7 which immediately follows; should both of these cards have the same suit, the payout is doubled to 100:1.

Three consecutive 7s with different suits will have an amazing 500:1 rate, which pales in comparison to the whopping 5000:1 rate the player gets for three suited 7s.

In some Blackjack variations, Super Sevens will be “replaced” by Crazy Sevens side bets, which is the exact same thing, but with a different payout table – higher payouts are generated for a single 7 and the pair of suited 7s, while the rest of the combinations come with the lower payout ratio.

Is it worth it?

Pretty much everything in gambling especially Super Sevens, is relative to the players’ budget, expectations and, most important of all, their Blackjack skills. In other words, you are the one to decide if a certain risk is worth your time and money.

A little adrenaline rush here and there couldn’t hurt anybody and if you are not easily frightened by the high house edge, getting out of your comfort zone from time to time is never a bad idea.

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