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Top Live Blackjack Games Online

Staff Writer 02/28/2023 Blog 12 views

Playing regular online video blackjack is all well and good for various purposes like relaxing or testing out strategies. But sometimes you want to dive into the real thing and play some 21 games with a live dealer and competition. Live blackjack games are the closest thing we have to the land-based casino experience but they are accessible from anywhere. That is why we wanted to bring you a curated list of some of the best live 21 online games to enjoy from top iGaming software developers.

All of the games on our list have some special mechanics or side bets to keep things interesting. Let us dive right in and take a look at each one.

All Bets Blackjack – Playtech

This Playtech release brings something you rarely see in blackjack games. For starters, the game supports an almost unlimited number of players. And secondly, all of them are playing the same hand. This is possible because the game presents choices for each card drawn, and players can make their own separate decisions in this time frame. Whatever a payer decides, whether it is hit or stand for example, is locked in regardless of other player’s decisions.

You might also be wondering about the name All Bets. There is a whopping 7 side bets which players can access in this game. Some new additions that have never been seen before are among these. There is the buster bet which pays when the dealer busts. The Top 3 and 21+3 bets pay for specific poker combinations. The Lucky Lucky pays using the player’s two opening cards. And the player and dealer pairs function like the Perfect Pairs side bet.

Furthermore, all of this is wrapped up in an elegant visual experience with professional dealers who know how to keep things moving. The RTP of the game is 99.46%. This is truly one of the best live blackjack experiences online.

Lightning Blackjack – Evolution

We had to include the well-known Evolution blackjack release called Lightning Blackjack. Building on the Lightning series from Evolution, Lightning Blackjack reintroduces the famous multipliers into our favorite 21 game. They do not work anything like the previous releases, you will not be hunting for multipliers. Instead, multipliers will come to you if you win a round. And there is a 100% lightning fee on your bets.

That being said, if you pay the fee and win a hand, the lightning multipliers start. A random value between 2x and 25x your bet will be assigned to your next win depending on your previous winning hand. The closer you are to 21 when you won, the higher the multipliers are. These multipliers apply to the next round you play. And a neat part is, if you get a multiplier and leave the game for some chores or tasks, they will be waiting when you come back. It is an exciting action-packed live dealer game with a 99.59% RTP value that everyone should try at least once.

Live Blackjack – Vivo Gaming

Vivo’s live blackjack experience is another classic in the online casino world. It offers a beautiful live streamed environment with top-notch dealers. Furthermore, the player can choose whether they want a 2D or 3D viewing experience. The players can chat with dealers and interact with other players which helps build that sense of community.

Vivo’s live blackjack is great for beginner players as it offers lower stakes. Furthermore, it is an 8-deck blackjack game with a 99.50% RTP value. Players also have access to Perfect Pairs and the 21+3 side bet. These are high-stakes high-reward options as usual. This live blackjack game is one of the best on the market in terms of the social aspect. The professional and charming dealers will ensure a great relaxing time with some good old 21 card slinging.

Video Blackjack – Ezugi

Now this is a special one as we feel Video Blackjack by Ezugi has a lot of potential in the live blackjack community. This is by far the freshest game on our list and we were lucky enough to play-test it a little bit. Ezugi’s Video Blackjack presents the new generation of blackjack games by allowing players in the lobby a way to share their video and audio feeds. Essentially, this means that you can fully interact or strategize with the players in your game if you wish both visually and through banter.

The game has 7 seats and offers the standard European ruleset. Ezugi has privacy as a top priority so no one outside the game, not even spectators, can see your video or hear your audio feed. It is a highly social blackjack experience that has the potential to revolutionize live blackjack games. Players also have the option of side bets if they are feeling high-risk high-reward. Other than that this is a standard 21 experience with a lot of social interaction options.

Feel free to test these games out for yourself in our recommended blackjack casinos.

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