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High Limit Blackjack: Pros and Cons

Staff Writer 03/15/2018 Blog 382 views

Although any game name with the term High Limit attached to it may seem quite intimidating, there are certain advantages that only high stakes card games can offer. Even if you consider yourself to be anything but High Roller and you associate High Limit Blackjack with extravagant and lavish lifestyle, it still does not mean that these type of tables are beyond your reach or that you should be afraid of letting your hair down every once in a while. The stigma attached to the High Limit Blackjack can be at times overshadowed by the advantages that such variant provides and before running away from a high limit table or even taking a seat and start with placing the highest possible bets, going through the list of pros and cons may be in order.

Royal Treatment

Spending more than average does not go unnoticed by the casino and if you decide to take greater risks, the perks will be equivalent to the amount spent. A number of online casinos have a special VIP program for their high limit table players and if the game of Blackjack is your cup of tea, playing with larger stakes may be your ticket straight to the VIP lounge.

Once you become a member of the online casino’s royal family, you will discover what all the hype is about. Faster and unlimited withdrawals, personal account manager, and special bonuses are only some of the benefits in store for the casino’s most valuable asset high rolling players.

Motivation, payouts and adrenaline rush

With higher stakes come higher turnovers and doubling several thousand dollars is a lot more appealing than doubling a dollar – the very thought of winning at the High Limit Blackjack table is exciting, so you can only imagine what the real thing feels like.

The danger and the potential risk will without a doubt result in some extra focus and can be channeled into a great motivation for the player to master the Blackjack strategy. Low Limit tables may be safer, but the comfort zone is not likely to push you into perfecting your Blackjack playing technique.

Dangers of draining your budget

This is where real life comes knocking – if you decide to take a seat at the High Limit Blackjack table with a restricted budget at your disposal, you better know what you are doing. It can be done and your chances are not reduced by the amount of money that you bring to the table but by the level of your Blackjack skills. Nevertheless, the higher you go, the faster you can be thrown out of the game. At High Limit tables, a single Blackjack hand that ends up with a bust can mean a lifetime of regret.

The pace at which you will potentially lose money is practically warp speed in comparison to the tables with lower stakes and one hour can cost you more than you would normally spend on a weekly or even monthly level. There is no law however that forces you to join the High Limit table and start with the max wagers. If you are a firm believer in winning streaks, you may as well start with the table minimums and work your way up.

Another thing to be mindful of is the level of attention you draw by winning at High Limit Blackjack live tables  – the staff is aware that these tables are targeted by the card counters and you are likely to be watched by the pit boss if your gameplay is too ostentatious. This may be the right time to check out some of the best Blackjack casinos out there.

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