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How to play the Match the Dealer side bet?

Match the Dealer Side Bet Explained

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Match the Dealer is another side bet available in certain Blackjack variants. It can be found in some classic Blackjack games as well as in the popular Spanish 21 variant. When playing this optional bet, the player predicts that their cards will match the dealer’s face-up card or both of them. This is a less risky bet than other side bets you can play in Blackjack with payouts going up to 28:1 with 8 decks in play. If you want to learn more about the Match the Dealer side bet, stay with BlackjackGala as we got you covered.

How Match the Dealer Side Bet Works?

To play Match the Dealer, you need to make an additional wager. You can choose the amount you will place as a side bet yourself as it doesn’t depend on your Ante stake. To win this bet, you need to match one of your initial two cards with the dealer’s face-up card or both cards. Cards can match in rank and in rank and suit as well, which can earn you a bigger prize. If you win on a Match the Dealer bet, you get your prize regardless of the outcome of the round.

Rules and Payouts

The rules and payouts for Match the Dealer side bet can vary from game to game. For instance, in some games, you only have payouts for an unsuited or suited match, while others offer prizes for one or two matched cards. When it comes to the house edge of this side bet, it depends on the number of decks in play. One of the most popular online Blackjack games offering this side bet is Pirate 21 by Betsoft with 6 decks in play.

As for Spanish 21, it is a 6-deck Blackjack game with all 10s removed from the shoe. The Match the Dealer bet comes with a house edge of 3.05%. An unsuited match in this game variant pays 4:1 while a suited match pays 9:1. Two suited matches pay 18:1, a non-suited and a suited match pay 13:1 while two non-suited matches pay 8:1. In this game, the player is allowed to hit and double down after splitting any card including Aces. When the player creates a Blackjack hand with 5, 6 or 7 cards, it pays 3:2, 2:1 and 3:1 respectively.

In Pirate 21, the dealer always hits on a soft 17, which puts them in an advantage. On the other hand, you can hit and double down on split Aces and even resplit them. A Blackjack hand with 5 and more cards pays the same way as in Spanish 21. As for a non-suited match, it pays 4:1 while a suited match pays 9:1. In case you get lucky and match both cards, only the highest match pays. The house edge of the Match the Dealer side bet is 3.06%.

Should You Play It?

While Match the Dealer may not be as lucrative as other Blackjack side bets, it can provide you with some frequent wins. Because of low payouts, it is not as popular as some other side bets like 21+3 or Perfect Pairs, but that does not mean that you should not play it. If you want to go for it, it is most important to learn all about the Blackjack variant that offers this side bet. Since the Match the Dealer side bet is typically available in Spanish 21 and similar Blackjack versions, make sure to learn the proper strategy to make the most of playing the game.

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