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No Bust Blackjack Strategy Explained

Staff Writer 07/21/2020 Blog 90 views

Blackjack has been around for a very long time. This has led to many strategies and superstitions forming when it comes to playing the game.

One of these out-there strategies is called No Bust Blackjack. Today, we will explore this strategy to determine whether it works or not!

How Does No Bust Blackjack Work?

The goal of this strategy is to only play wagers that will not result in your busting. This means that if your two cards are eleven or less, you will always hit. However, if you get to twelve or any number higher than that, you will always stand. This way, you cannot draw a card that will cause you to bust.

Does it Work?

Of course not! This strategy severely limits your options, and even contradicts the basic blackjack strategy in several aspects. For example, the basic strategy tells us to hit on a twelve if the dealer has any number that is not a four, five, or six. Following No Bust Blackjack, we would stand on all twelves, which would lead to needless losses.

However, some players have different variations of the No Bust Blackjack strategy. For example, there are players who do not draw the line at twelve, but sixteen instead. At first glance, it can seem like this makes sense. After all, hitting on a sixteen surely will result in a bust more often?

There are times when you want to stand on a sixteen, and that is if the dealer’s up card is between two and six. In all other circumstances, you want to hit. The reason is obvious when you break down the math. The only way for a player who decided to stand on a sixteen to win is if a dealer busts. However, the dealer will only bust in 21.21% of the cases.

Furthermore, the strategy breaks down even further when we start considering smaller numbers. For a fifteen, playing the no bust strategy will have the dealer bust in 33.15% of the cases. This results in a 66.85% chance of losing that particular round. In contrast, hitting the fifteen gives you a 58.58% chance of busting your hand. The odds are stacked against you either way. However, simply taking the risk improves your chance of scoring a win by almost 10%!

What Should I Play Instead?

If you are just starting out, our advice is simple. First, master the basic blackjack strategy. There is a reason why any experienced blackjack player recommends this. That strategy was devised using nothing but math! Some very smart people crunched the numbers and determined the best possible move for each combination of cards. It takes a while to learn, but it is more than worth it in the end!

Another thing we recommend is going through our winning in blackjack tips. These are not nearly as important as learning the basic blackjack strategy is. All the same, they are things you want to become part of your playing habits at some point.

Checking the house edge for variants and knowing when to play side bets is integral to becoming a blackjack pro!

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