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What is Unlimited Blackjack?

Staff Writer 03/09/2021 Blog 333 views

In their effort to bring live dealer blackjack games to as many people as possible, casino software developers never tire of thinking up new ways to shake up the old formula. Today, we’ll be taking a look at a format dubbed Unlimited blackjack, which was initially cooked up by Playtech. Thanks to live casino technology and some ingenuity, this title ensures you can play live dealer blackjack online without having to worry about free seats or inconvenient minimums.

How Unlimited Blackjack Works

When it comes down to it, this ruleset is a lot like Common Draw Blackjack, though with some key differences. Both are online blackjack variants that can house unlimited players thanks to shared hand mechanics. Unlimited blackjack, however, is more ambitious in both scale and the number of options it presents to players.

The main idea is to have multiple players using the same blackjack hand. This speeds up the process of playing live blackjack and allows for a limitless number of players per table. Importantly, all players see the same cards, but they make their own decisions. For instance, if you decide to stand after the initial hand, you can do so. Any bets will be treated as if you stood where you did, even if the game continues. At that point, the dealer will simply continue with the game until every possibility is played out.

So, we just described Common Draw Blackjack. How is Unlimited Blackjack any different? Well, it’s no secret that these variants are generally named after the first title that used them. As such, Unlimited can just be seen as Playtech’s take on the concept. More importantly, though, unlimited blackjack is a multi-hand live blackjack game. 5 separate hands are playing out each round. You can buy into any number of them before betting time is over.

This opens up room for more unique strategies than ever before. In other words, if you’re a fan of multi-hand blackjack games and want to try them out in a live format, Unlimited Blackjack is a perfect choice. You won’t have to deal with the usual waiting times, either.

Also, Playtech Unlimited Blackjack uses Vegas Strip rules with some slight alterations. For instance, if you have the option to split, folding will be the only other possibility.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Unlimited Blackjack

To those not familiar with Common Draw Blackjack, rulesets like this have several benefits. Typical live blackjack tables have limited seats, which can be a problem considering people are tuning in from all over the world. Moreover, blackjack typically has much higher minimum bets compared to most other live table games. The gist is that you have to bet enough to make the time needed on the dealer’s part worthwhile.

Unlimited Blackjack directly counters both of these disadvantages. First of all, you’ll never have to worry about not finding available seats again. Also, the Unlimited Blackjack minimum bet is set to just €1 – considerably lower than the standard €5 per game. Of course, €1 will only get you one hand, so you’ll need to wager more to take full advantage of this game’s features.

Compared to Common Draw Blackack, though, a typical round is a lot slower. This makes a lot of sense considering the dealer will be working with 5 hands every round. Still, vastly increased game speeds were one of the main draws of Common Draw Blackjack. Just remember that that doesn’t apply to Unlimited Blackjack.

Lastly, the splitting rules will not suit everyone. Essentially, only pairs can be split. However, if that ever becomes an option, you’ll have to take the split or fold. That said, folding this way will return the lion’s share of your stake to you – 80%, to be exact.

There’s one more thing we should mention – the long waiting times. In practice, a full round of Unlimited Blackjack can take way longer than most other versions of live dealer blackjack. Essentially, each decision on each hand is being pondered by a lot of players. That can take quite a while, as you might imagine.

Closing Thoughts

Unlimited Blackjack is a great example of innovation in live casino gaming. Essentially, Playtech took an existing concept and improved it slightly by throwing in multiple hands. As you may have gathered from the post above, this comes with several trade-offs.

Still, it’s an ingenious idea and a solid execution. If you want to find out more about other live blackjack variants and how to play them, check out the BlackjackGala blog.

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